Tesla Model X Lease Agreement

You can possibly avoid additional costs by repairing excess wear before your final inspection. If you are making repairs after your inspection has been sent, please keep a copy of the repair voucher. Note: By registering and dated the form, you confirm the updated lease end date and the monthly mileage assigned to your contract. Can I return my vehicle prematurely? Yes. If you are interested in the early termination of your lease, check the options available to terminate your lease. The first steps To apply for a lease extension, you perform the following steps: After your return, all remaining fees will be charged to you to fulfill your rental obligations. Even hard-to-fall members of the automotive media love this car and praise it in every way, from practicability to performance. There is no doubt that the fantastic « Ludicrous Model », available in the performance model, has created many fans. Generally speaking, the direction, handling and general tranquility of the X are also commented positively.

Are you interested in reading a Tesla Model X? As one of the world`s leading automakers, Tesla leasing contracts attract both individuals and businesses. No prices are available, please call: 0345 250 0000 Learn more about what awaits you as you approach the end of your lease. This model has a larger 100kWh battery and can reach about 275 miles between the store. This figure also depends on the fact that the car can make the best use of its regenerative braking system. You may have the right to buy your leased Tesla. Check your lease to see if you are qualified. *Images displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Pricing is based on the standard model and excludes any other cost options. We have listed a number of Tesla Model X leasing agreements on this page. If you`re looking for a certain Tesla Model X variant, it`s worth choosing your favorite body style first. If your account is in good condition, you can request a lease extension of 6 months beyond your original lease end date. Please note that lease renewals can only be granted once.

The Tesla Model X is a plug-in SUV electric car available in two versions, the Long Range with a WLTP certified range of 314 miles and the performance edition of 301 miles, combined with a 0-60mph time of 2.6 seconds in ridiculous mode. Six- and seven-seater configurations can also be set for the order. You will find the best Model X leasing deals in our latest personal and commercial offers below. All vehicles are delivered to the UK Tesla dealer network. Each « X » selection model is full of technology, standard with four-wheel drive and unique « Falcon Wing » rear doors that attract attention everywhere. Take a look at an overview of 3 models: Once your current rental agreement expires, contact us to learn more about your upgrade options. In terms of speed, the Model X Long Range creates a 0-60 mph time of 4.7 seconds. This long range version has a 100 kWh battery that offers an actual range of 285 miles per charge. All models have a top speed of 155 mph. Lease renewals can be postponed to 6 months, but you can return before the extension deadline and be responsible only for monthly leasing payments already accumulated. .

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