Trust Agreement Matrix

They agree with the idea, but don`t trust the way organizations do things, but they can be convinced to see things differently. They tend to hear and say things that meet their own needs. They are not entirely trustworthy. In one minute, they seem to support the idea, and in the other, they criticize it. While they can usually be kept on the page, they are also ardent cookers. These three questions below are good guidelines for behavior that seems trustworthy to others. We must work continuously to maintain trust. Peter Block has written a wonderful book, The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work, and in Chapter 5 he creates a model that can help us cope with these potentially competing demands for trust and consistency. Position. Make your own contribution to the disagreement. Leave the adversary The tool is a four-cell matrix presented by master counselor and author Peter Block in his book The Empowered Manager: Positives Political Skills at Work. One dimension classifies one match and the other trusted card. Typically, there are some people who are very much in agreement with your idea and others who agree with your idea.

In the same way, there are usually some people with whom you share a high level of trust, and others only a low level. Scott McLeod applies a concept twice two Peter Block matrices. The model is used to analyze the relationships of leaders with their main collaborators. How much trust you trust them in every relationship and how much do you agree with them? Not every 2x. There is a matrix that I often use to categorize stakeholders in relation to their resistance. You never know, you can see that cooperation creates trust and that it will become an ally. If so, that`s great! On the other hand, don`t let yourself be too open to them. Find your areas of common interest and work diligently, but for the rest, be a little careful. Hello, I work in a mental health agency as a manager, and recently a colleague who was an opponent went to the new boss and reported things about me that were not true. The new boss, without asking my opinion, came and confronted me without asking my opinion. I confronted the other person who denied doing it, but the new boss explained that they had done it.

Therefore, confidence has not dropped to anything, and the agreement has always been in the undone, so I think I now have an advantage. The players in this quadrant are the ones you don`t trust and don`t agree with you in this idea. For these reasons, they deserved the title of opponents. They are the ones who have the most power to stop you. .

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