Telecommuting Agreement Uga

The unit is responsible for regularly monitoring the impact of telework systems on productivity and services. Telework contracts are not expected to exceed one year. A worker admitted to telework is responsible for creating an appropriate work environment in his or her home. The institution is not responsible for the costs of setting up a home office. Upon request, the Georgia University System will consult with a staff member about any changes or requirements to manage Georgia`s own university system equipment in the Host Office. A staff member will be required to provide the Georgia University System, within 10 working days following the telework application, a statement confirming that he has met appropriate standards to incorporate health and safety requirements (including ergonomically sound employment) and promising to keep it in this state for the duration of the telecommunications period. The proposed position should be easily suitable for a telemutation situation. Jobs that may be suitable for a telework situation are accountants, architects or programmers/analysts. Work performed in accordance with this agreement is considered an official state convention. Staff are responsible for protecting state/University of Georgia records from unauthorized disclosure or deterioration and will meet the requirements for public registration of records. Disclosure or destruction of the recordings should be carried out in accordance with the official procedures of the University and the Department.

Electronic files are considered official records and must be protected in the same way. The employee is responsible for maintaining confidentiality and safety in the alternative workplace, as the employee would do in the primary workplace. Staff must protect the security and integrity of data, information, paper files and access to agency computer systems. Any alleged security breaches should be reported immediately. All registrations, documents and correspondence must be insured for return to the official location. Examples of positions that do not promote telework are an administrative assistant, receptionist, office assistance, craftsmen, domestic workers, laboratory professionals and most health care providers. The typical characteristics of the telework employee are: university equipment used in a telework situation must be inventoried by the service concerned and signed by the employee. Supervisory authorities should only consider telework if it is beneficial for the different units and the university.

The University of Georgia is not liable for damage caused by the unauthorized or abusive use of UGA equipment and supplies awarded pursuant to the telework agreement. The University of Georgia is not responsible for damage to the employee`s personal property during telework, nor is it responsible for operating, maintenance or other incidental costs (for example. B, utilities, real estate insurance, etc.).

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