Podcast Advertising Agreement Pdf

Advertising podcast campaigns are very detailed, especially advertising specifications. The general goals of the podcast promotion contract are that both parties are protected and get what they hope for from the deal. Cancellations can be a very difficult part of the agreement. The Ad Insertion Order (or E/O) is an order issued between an advertising seller (podcaster) and a buyer (advertiser). It should include: Godfather Pitch Deck: Ask potential sponsors to pay for an ad in your podcast Discover the 5 great lessons learned by Heather, the founder of True Native Media, after her first podcast interviews. She shares some fun and unpleasant moments! We believe that a podcast promotion contract should contain EVERYTHING. It should be a combination of a legal agreement, a declaration of work, an advertising entry order and certain conditions without clauses. Most podcasters I know would spend all their days creating, if they couldn`t pay attention to marketing and distribution, if anyone could find out for them. But most of us also work independently and have to wear a lot of hats.

If you want a sponsor for your show, Jess says it`s important to remember that you`re a job to make sales for your sponsor, not nice content (of course, you want to do it, but that`s not why they pay you). Marketing plan: Creating a plan to get the word on your podcast Are you ready to monetize your podcast with sponsors? Then you need a statement of intent that the company wants to advertise on these specific properties and nothing else. For example, podcast episodes, blogs, websites, show notes and other social media platforms. The podcast promotion contract is an essential part of the exchange between advertisers and podcasterns. For smaller podcasts, this is often ignored because neither party is 100% sure of what needs to go into an agreement. Unlike digital advertising, which can and cannot be followed by clicking, podcasting advertising is more like traditional radio and television. You can`t keep track of all the sales that came from you. Someone may have heard about a product several times in your show and then made a purchase, but didn`t use your affiliate link or promotional code.

Deliverables Graphics: What your graphic designer needs to do for your podcast See more of our resources for Fiction Podcaster in this free PDF! You need explicit advertising terms: « 30 seconds in the first five minutes of the show or 60 seconds in the middle of the show (the role of the center can be at any time after the first 15 minutes at any time before the last 10 minutes). » It lists the name and address of the company that is the advertisement, contact name and current location, as well as all contact information. It should also have the name of the podcasts, the name of the contact who sells the ad, its location, address and contact information. Sometimes the podcast is under a company name or a subsidiary of something else, so that`s important. Press kit: Collect information about your podcast for journalists and critics in a document to which you can link a link or send it to PDF format by email. Here is an example of a press kit based on the website. Tap The Outreach Template: A starting point for journalists and email reviewers via your Do Your Research podcast: Get ready for your own podcast by listening to others like you. Use this worksheet to guide your notes! Scope means other ways to touch and influence people. She podcasts receive between 1000 and 2000 downloads per episode.

But their reach is much broader, because their Facebook group has more than 12,000 women, and their social media accounts combined have thousands more.

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