Otelo prepaid in Vertrag umwandeln

I can hardly wait for the 5G protocol and its new bugs. Also, the blackmailing that will go with it. Nowadays, the 3G towers don’t bother to serve HSPA+ or DC-HSDPA (21.1-42.2 Mbps), in some countries they knowingly offer a lower speed in order to force people into 4G. But in Germany only Telekom can offer “up to 300 Mbps,” most of the others have plans limiting LTE to 225 Mbps instead of 300; 100 or 50 Mbps instead of 150; or even… 21.1 Mbps, which is a 3G (H+ actually) speed that’s easily attainable on 3G in Romania! When 5G is out, I expect 4G cell towers to limit themselves at 50 Mbps (even if they could offer 150 or 300 Mbps), to force people into purchasing newer, 5G phones. Deine SIM-Karte wird sicherheitshalber gesperrt, wenn deine PIN 3-mal hintereinander falsch eingegeben wurde. Zum erneuten Entsperren wird dein PUK abgefragt, mit dem du eine neue PIN vergeben kannst. Den PUK findest du auf dem otelo Kartenträger, aus dem du deine SIM-Karte herausgebrochen hast. Alternativ kontaktiere dafür einfach dein otelo-Team. Du erreichst uns täglich von 7 bis 23 Uhr per Telefon unter 01721243333 (0,20 €/Anruf aus dem dt.

Festnetz, max. 0,60 €/Anruf aus dt. Mobilfunknetzen), per Kontaktformular oder per E-Mail an kontakt@otelo.de. Yes, there is usually a fee of around 25€, or as in Vodafone’s case 29.99€. But you usually get the 25€ back from your new provider (as credit). In case of a prepaid card, you pay the fee with your available credit, so you should make sure that you have enough credit available (29.99€ or more) on your sim card. Ja, du kannst alle in deinem Tarif verfügbaren Optionen kombinieren. Welche das genau sind, siehst du in deinem persönlichen Kundenbereich Mein otelo oder in der Mein otelo App. Also, whatever you do, do your research in advance.

When we went to the local mall Vodafone kiosk to buy our cards a few years ago, the associate tried to steer us into a business contract that I hadn’t seen on their website, and he told us it would be no problem to cancel the contract if we could prove we’d moved out of the country. NOT TRUE! Units are minutes or SMS. Activation is by app, online account « mein otelo » or account server 12430. These add-on packages can be added for extra data valid for 14 days: Vodafone was the first provider in Germany that allowed allowances of all prepaid plans and top-ups to be used without surcharges in all over the EU/EEA, mostly using 4G/LTE Vodafone and partner networks.

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